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Market Entry


We advise companies on how to successfully enter the Japanese market by providing market reports, and help them plan, and execute proof of concept (PoC) initiatives.

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We advise Japanese companies on how to successfully enter overseas markets thanks to our extensive network of partners located outside of Japan. We can provide them with market reports, and help them find partners, distributors, suppliers, and so forth. 


Our experience gained in academia, government, and consulting, allows us to deliver top-quality research and policy analysis reports to help organization across all industries to better think about the implementation of future innovation-related initiatives. 

Strategy Consulting
We advise organisations on high-level decisions by using deep industry knowledge to help you create a new strategy for the creation of the new product or service. 

Innovation Consulting 
Thanks to our unique blend of tech and IP-related knowledge, we advise organisations on how to scout for new technologies or leverage their own resources to further implement the next best-selling product or service. 

We work with start-ups by:
- helping them create partnerships;
- serving as Advisors;
- helping them build an effective business strategy for the launch of a new product or service. 

Innovation events & programs
Thanks to our experience gained by working with companies and public institutions, we can advise organisations on how to organize seminars/acceleration programs/webinars and take care of the entire process, including the speakers selection, and moderation, if necessary.

Experiencing Innovation Ecosystems
We help organizations understand the various innovation ecosystems by creating unique and customized programs to visit different countries to understand first-hand how innovation is being managed. 

Legal, marketing, and translation services

We work with a vast array of partners in Japan and abroad that are able to provide complementary services to help your company receive a service that will exceed your expectations. 

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