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Located in the heart of Tokyo, LCUBE is a young consulting firm offering more than 40 years of combined diverse experience of the founders gained living and working in three continents. Our services are offered at client’s request in English, Japanese, Korean, or Italian. As experts in several fields, we can help organizations across all industries build a winning strategy, connect with the right people to establish successful partnerships, and leverage the existing strengths to develop the next best-selling product of service. We have worked with large corporations, startups, governments, academia, and research institutions, this allows us to think globally, and understand the market from different angles. ​If you want to enter the Japanese market or you are interested in the US or the EU market, we are your reference point.


The word “LCUBE” relates to the three “Ls” forming the core strength of our firm, the initials of the founders plus the concept of “leading edge”. As a leading edge for a plane, we will be your first point of contact to understand, and create a market for your products, and services. Our diverse cultural backgrounds, and multilingual practice will help you reach new frontiers, seamlessly.



Luca Escoffier

Luca graduated in law from the University of Parma, he then earned a Master of Laws in intellectual property law in 2003. After several years spent in law firms and in an Italian nano-biotech company running the IP department, he moved to Seattle in 2008 to work as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Washington where he has also earned in 2010 a Certificate in Business Administration from the Foster Business School. Luca has been a Fellow of the Stanford-Vienna Transatlantic Technology Law Forum, and Invited Researcher at Waseda University for many years beside being a Singularity University alumnus (GSP’10). Currently, he is a Special Lecturer at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo where he teaches technology transfer and commercialization. Luca is the co-founder of several startups (Innoventually, 2045Tech, Usque Ad Sidera, etc.), and in Japan is also assisting the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation as Manager of the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk, that he personally conceived, and created in 2016. Luca’s experience covers every aspect of technology scouting, creation, management, and commercialization, with a global coverage, including all the latest topics concerning the implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement (“EPA”) between the EU and Japan. 

Léa Y. Chang 

Lea spent her childhood in Japan, and went back to Korea when she was 16. She graduated in law from Yonsei University in Seoul, she then came back to Japan, and earned a Ph.D. in intellectual property law at Waseda University in Tokyo. She worked as a Research Associate at Waseda University, as Associate Research Fellow at The House of Representatives of Japan, and as Associate Professor of Law at Tokyo City University. She is currently a Professor of Intellectual Property Law at one of the most prestigious universities in Tokyo, Dokkyo University, and also a Research Fellow at the Research Center for the Legal System of Intellectual Property at Waseda University. Lea specializes in Intellectual Property Law, Comparative Law Studies among EU, US, Japan and Korea, IP law with relation to EPA/FTA/TPP, liability of Internet Service providers ("ISP"), website blocking, Internet shut down, three-strikes rule, and relationship between IP and human rights. Her experience covers every aspect of policy analysis related to IP aspects with a global coverage, including all the latest topics concerning the implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement (“EPA”) between the EU and Japan and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (“CPTPP”) from an IP-related standpoint. 

Our global network allows us to suggest you or work together with our partners to deliver more complex projects which might require legal, digital, translation, and marketing specialists.  
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